Our Standards

SILO has rigorous standards for our Growers and Producers to follow to ensure the healthiest, safest and highest quality items for our customers:
  • The majority of items, including produce, herbs and spices, meat, nuts, honey, and dairy products must be either organic or naturally grown/raised. That means no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs. Produce is listed in two categories - natural and conventional. All items in the natural category must conscribe to the standards listed above. In the conventional category, the produce is grown sustainably but not to the same standards that could be certified organic. There may be use of occasional non organic treatments to control a problem or prevent crop failure. These are clearly labeled so as a consumer, you are making a conscious and informed choice.
  • All canned items must use local produce that meets the same standards as the produce.
  • All seafood must be wild caught or raised in a natural environment.
  • All items must be grown and produced directly by the seller. We do not typically permit people to resell items, as we like to keep all sales direct from the producer to the consumer. This not only has a positive economic impact on the grower, but allows SILO and our customers to keep better track of quality and growing methods.
  • Any cooked item must be prepared in a DHEC approved kitchen.
  • All prepared foods and desserts and sweets must use as many local, naturally produced ingredients as possible. We realize that there is no such things as locally produced sugar, so we retain a bit of flexibility for our cooks and bakers. However we do work with them to ensure that their items align as closely as possible to our standards for produce, and that none of their items contain GMOs or artificial ingredients.