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Bread, Artisan Lowcountry Sourdough

Beaufort Bread Company

Qty. Avl. : 7

Cost: $6.80 per Loaf

Market closed

Grapefruit - 13 tp 15 oz;, red/pink

Walnut Hill Acres

Qty. Avl. : 25

Cost: $1.00 per One Grapefruit

Market closed

Carrots, Certified Organic Carrots

3 Sisters Farm

Qty. Avl. : Sold

Cost: $4.25 per 12 oz bunch

Market closed

Pastured Pork Bacon, Sea Salt & Peppercorn

Hunter Cattle Co.

Qty. Avl. : 1

Cost: $8.99 per 12 oz avg. package

Market closed

Compote, Blueberry and Rosemary (8oz)

GrowFood Carolina

Qty. Avl. : 11

Cost: $7.90 per 8 oz Jar

Market closed